Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear freshman self,

Don’t wear that. Don’t wear that raccoon-eye makeup with teased hair and one of your many obscure alternative band t-shirts. It’s not as cute as you think it is, and as you look back on the millions of duck faced selfies you will take this year, you will regret it. Stick to the classic looks that show just how much you have grown up from the awkward middle school years. No one has ever regretted a classic white button down and a nice pair of blue jeans, but remember to have your own unique style. Stop trying so hard to find yourself in the cliques of high school and just stay true to who you know you are. The best style you could have is the one where you are only trying to impress yourself, not the people around you who, by senior year, you probably will not be friends with.

That boy you think is really cute? He’s also really immature, and so are you. Dating your freshman year will only yield heartache and regret. Don’t push yourself into a relationship with someone you may or may not have feelings for simply because “everyone else has a boyfriend.” That’s not a good enough reason to invest your heart and your feelings in a boy that still has his mom pack his lunch for him and thinks its funny to ding-dong ditch. Wait for the boy who gives you butterflies, the one who understands that your heart is precious, and should never be forced into an unhealthy situation. Wait for someone who is right for you at the right time in your life.

It’s so easy to let yourself get wrapped up in the frivolities of the high school scene instead of school work your freshman year. While texting your best friend until 3 A.M. the day before your big math test might seem like a great idea at the time, your grades will reflect how much effort you put in. I know that sounds like the clichéd information they throw at you when they make you sit through what seems like endless motivational speakers, but your GPA freshman year really can determine whether or not you get into the college of your dreams. The work you turn in, your attitude towards teachers, and your friendships will all be determined by the effort you put into school during these next four years. You really need to be laying the foundation for a solid work ethic as a freshman, one that will help you succeed throughout high school and college.

Enjoy high school for what it is. It is not the pinnacle of your existence, and in 10 years, most of what happens during high school will be long forgotten. These four years are a time for you to discover who you are, to love and be loved by the people who surround you, and to decide whether you will leave a positive or negative impact on the people you leave behind. So do not get so worked up about your prom date or that one physics test, let the things that do not matter stay insignificant. Breathe. You’ve got this.

Love always,

Emily and Andrea