Illegality Doesn’t Mean Unsightly


Spray paint is often looked at as horrible medium but people are not aware of the beautiful art that can be created with it in a completely legal fashion. It is an art medium that is not nearly as appreciated as it should be.

Diana Rodgers, Staff Writer

Spray paint is given an infamous reputation; sure most small business owners see graffiti tacked up on the side walls and are irritated, but they do not see that spray paint can also be a beautiful art medium when used legally. Spray paint is one of the most difficult mediums to work with because one has to be very versatile with their equipment. Other than a respirator, which is something that you ear in order to breathe easier while painting, there are not many specific tools to this kind of work; artists of this medium use newspapers, scrapers meant for actual paint, bowls, cardboard and a variety of other things. Some of the techniques are quite complicated because you have to preform them in a certain amount of time or else the paint dries and you cannot manipulate how you want the paint to look.

The artists have about ten minutes to impress people and persuade them to buy their art; it is a significant amount of time because people are always in a hurry so they only have a certain attention span to things going on around them. A good example of one of these artists is Matt Sorenson: he has an online store and a YouTube channel that he uses in order to show people the process of how he makes the artwork and how versatile he has to be with his tools.

There are many different kinds of paintings, but the most basic are plain planets or planets with a cityscape scraped out of the paint. Artists set the bowls down on the canvas before spraying to use it to make a circle. After the outline they spray color the inside and then spray black on top. The tricky part to this step is that you have to lay paper down on it then take it off while the black is still drying to leave it textured. So you take that technique and couple it with others, and you have what a lot of basic artists go through in their work.

If you take the time to research spray pains ability it is easy to realize how amazing spray paint is and how much work it takes to use is as a medium. More attention should be brought to light about what spray paint can do, aside from graffiti, and it should be more appreciated as a unique medium.