North Forsyth celebrates a rise in graduation rate


Senior Jessica Marex is very excited for graduation. She said, “Graduating is about getting a better education, going to college and stuff like that is the main goal of any graduate.”

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer

North Forsyth High School’s administration does not need to worry about the school’s graduation rates, with a five percent increase of NFHS students graduating this year from last year, taking the total rate of students graduating up to 87.5%.

“Honestly, when I think about it, I know everyone, including parents, staff, and students, have had a hand in this increase.” said Principal Beth Herbert.

Counselors and graduation coaches are worth thanking for this statistic, as they help their students understand the graduating opportunities presented to the school. Peer tutors and teachers do a good job offering students a chance to improve their learning skills, and the results show.

“I would be remiss if I did not mention the role United Way has played in helping us to increase our graduation rate.  I didn’t intend for this to be a commercial for United Way,” Herbert stated, “but I am sure many people don’t know the role United Way plays in helping our students graduate on time.”

For people who are unaware, United Way of Forsyth County is an organization that has raised over nine million dollars for different organizations around Forsyth, including North Forsyth High School.  Principal Herbert is very thankful for their help, saying, “We really could not have all of the extra support and credit opportunities without the assistance of United Way.”

With such a huge increase, the school hopes to raise the rate even further this year. Principal Herbert remains hopeful “While our graduation goal is 100%, increasing by this amount in one year is remarkable,” said Herbert.