SEA Fraternity Chants Racial Slur


The death of a friend can affect many. Especially when one was so young and had not truly lived. Those who knew her miss her deeply. I miss her.

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity existed for 159 years at the University of Oklahoma (OU) has finally met its end recently after a disturbing video was sent anonymously to a group of African Americans. The video contained members from one of the most well-known fraternities on campus. The nine second video went viral after being posted by an African American group at OU onto YouTube. The anonymous African-American student stated that they were posting this video to show that this is unacceptable.

David Boren, the president of OU, was outraged when he heard of the inappropriate behavior happening on his campus and took action instantly.  The president called those who participated in the chant “disgraceful and their behavior reprehensible.” The fraternity was shut down, and all of the members had until midnight to get their belongings out of the fraternity. Moving trucks lined the road outside of the fraternity house as members scrambled to get out as soon as possible. Workers took down the Greek letters which officially closed down the fraternity house.

Many students, accompanied by Boren, lined up outside OU in a peaceful demonstration illustrating their opposition to the video. Any wore duct tape over their lips with the word “unheard” written across it. Some even wrote with spray paint across the bricks of the former fraternity house writing “Tear it down.”

Two men from the former SEA fraternity were identified, and apologized for their reckless behavior. Parker Rice, 19, and Levi Pettit, 20 apologized on behalf of SAE’s inappropriate behavior. Rice sent an excerpt to everyone/anyone he had offended stated that it was partly the alcohol that was doing the talking, but he did not want to make any excuses. Pettit’s parents disclosed a short excerpt apologizing as well stating that they know their son is not racist, and other extraneous member of the former fraternity came forth with apologies, as well.

The fraternity was closed Monday by the national SEA organization, and the school cut all ties with the organization.