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He gazed longingly into the sea, waiting for the day when she would return to him.

To the Depths of the Sea

Emily Stocksdale, Staff Writer May 23, 2016

Waves came rolling in to break against the craggy shore.  He watched as they scurried back, only to gather themselves back up and ram against the rocks once more.  Straining his eyes, he looked as far...

The death of a friend can affect many. Especially when one was so young and had not truly lived. Those who knew her miss her deeply. I miss her.

SEA Fraternity Chants Racial Slur

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer March 24, 2015

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity existed for 159 years at the University of Oklahoma (OU) has finally met its end recently after a disturbing video was sent anonymously to a group of African Americans....

Forgetting the voices around her, a young girl stares into the ocean with longing eyes. She has been here many times, but always with an envious attitude. The girl has spent many days and nights wondering more about the people surrounding her, and less about the individual in her own body; the sea is her escape.

Thoughts of the Girl No One Knew

Maddy James, Staff Writer January 23, 2015

Spoken words escape me often. I no longer know how to tell of the sun’s vibrancy, nor the moon’s delicacy; I can no longer describe the way the rain sounds against my window, or the silent pit-pat...

Some lynxes take things far too literally. In an effort to raise awareness for the sea and lynxes, this particular lynx has taken the initiative to become a rare snorkeling lynx exploring under a “c.”

FLATLINE: Friday Lynx: Under the Sea

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

Lynxes and oceans, two very different entities, both suffer from a common ailment: underrepresentation from the media. Lynxes frolic through snow covered forests and oceans do ocean-y things, but rarely...

Sean Conway lays on a John O’Groats sign for a camera.

Friday Links: Light News For a Dark Season

Jack Scott, Staff Writer December 12, 2013

With all the news of communism, US Government shutdowns, large, devastating storms in the Philippines, and other depressing reports, people need uplifting news for once. Earlier in November, Sean Conway...

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