Get Linked!


Jessica Prouty

Students can use the ease of social media to simplify transitioning into the professional world.

Brandon Moss, Staff Writer

It is a well-known fact that high school and college students rule the world of social media. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, students are well-connected at all times via smartphones and computers. Technology brings ease to one’s everyday life. So, why not put it to some real use?

During high school years, students go through such trials such as finding a job or applying to choice colleges. These are the first steps through the threshold into adult life. However, successfully applying to college or applying for a job requires credentials. Without a doubt, constantly editing a resumé is the last thing any student aspires to do. This is where social media becomes a useful tool in one’s professional life.

LinkedIn has made its way into the business world over the years, and it is making quite an impression! Nevertheless, many fail to acknowledge that the page is for more than those who make hundreds of thousands a year in a day-to-day, white collar job. The professional web page provides an organized template, easy to access and manipulate, for students to create a brand name for themselves.

When one receives an application, he or she searches for an ideal employee. Such a person will exemplify characteristics such as good attendance, high recommendation from others, high personal achievement, etc. By using LinkedIn, users can record certain achievements such as job recommendations written by previous employers, awards granted throughout a high school education, and other important documentation. This cuts the time spent producing a document equivalent to an entire resumé in half and allows it all to be displayed in an organized format to be accessed by employers. By including a web-link of a page within an email to an employer or online application, one’s best work can be exhibited in one clean and professional composition. LinkedIn also provides the option to join groups of a certain profession, allow endorsements of skills from fellow connections, and alerts of requests for specific internship/job opportunities.

However, beyond finding a job lies the importance of being accepted into college. A high school student’s main goal as they work rigorously through each class is to finish with a high GPA and eventually be accepted into their dream college. Along with applying, many colleges request a personal academic resumé to exhibit why the student would be a nice addition to the community. Instead of writing a three page essay explaining accomplishments over the years, one could place such valuable information on an organized webpage. This shows a professional interest in the college, as well as a professional networking ability (valuable in the world).

The page is easy to set up, easy to fill with personal merits, and easy to access by those who wish to see it. Instead of spending valuable time writing a resumé over and over, spend half the time building a Student LinkedIn Page.