NFHS: A Promising Work in Progress


Within a couple years, North Forsyth High School will be equipped with many new upgrades to the campus, including a new gym, cafeteria, and many more classrooms.

Jack Dalmolin, Staff Writer

Summer break has officially ended, and the dreaded return to school has arrived. However, if going back to school was not bad enough, students at North have another thing to moan and groan about: construction. This year, North Forsyth is undergoing many changes, including adding a new gym, renovating the entire front of the school, building a new cafeteria, paving new parking lots, and much more. These projects will be conducted every day, and will be a work in progress. As of now, nobody is exactly sure when all of the renovations will be complete, but it will take at least two years. Although this project is far from done, the result will definitely be worth it.

In the mean time, students at North will have to learn to cope with the ongoing construction. Students of all grades complain daily about the multiple inconveniences that they are forced to deal with every day. Although the construction causes more hallway traffic, disables students from walking through the front parking lot, and forces many students to park a few hundred yards away in the E lot, this long-awaited construction will bring around some great changes.

It was no secret that NFHS needed some upgrades to the campus. With a larger freshman class every year, it was time to expand and create more buildings and classrooms. However, this is not possible without change and time – two things that high school students cannot deal with. This work in progress is something that will yield amazing results, and students should try to have a positive outlook about it. The daily construction does cause some minor inconveniences, but the people who were complaining about the need to expand the school are the same people whining about the construction. Students need to look at the long term goal, which is hard for teenagers, including myself. Yes, change is inconvenient and annoying, but it is a necessary step in creating the best campus experience possible.


“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.” – Anonymous