Football returns – But not the NFL


Soccer is the sport of the world, but if often overshadowed in America.

Ethan Simmons , Photo Editor

On the eighth of August, English soccer fans rejoiced with the start of the 24th English Premier League (EPL) regular season. Defending champs Chelsea football club taking on and drawing with Swansea City 2-2. If the off season was any indication, fans will be on the edge of their seats. Big moves were made this summer, including the transfer of Raheem Sterling from Liverpool to Manchester City for a total of $76.4 Million. This has caused big applause and tremendous boos from apposing fans as the teams are bitter rivals. Liverpool also made a big addition gaining Christian Benteke from Aston Villa for $50.7 million.

The English fans are riled up, but very few people in the States even know the EPL exists, which is a real shame. This is mostly due to the looming start of American football and the fact that if you want to watch the games live you have to wake up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. Regardless, there are some amazing teams with great players and fans who have, in years past rioted in the face of defeat. My point is everyone should give it a chance; the most popular teams are Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United as well as Chelsea. So find some mates, brew a mug of tea, and enjoy football the right way.