Senior Spotlight

Adriana Boyanton enjoys a walk through Atlanta.

Adriana Boyanton enjoys a walk through Atlanta.

Noah Smith, Staff Writer

Senior year can be terrifying to some enticing to others. Who are we kidding, senior year is a bittersweet end to a relatively small chunk of life. I, a sophomore, still have half of that chunk left before I am exposed to the terror of taxes and caring for myself. However, I recently interviewed some of these soon-to-be adults, and they had very interesting things to say to the five questions I asked each of them.


Adriana Boyanton

  1. What are you expecting from senior year?

“I am expecting to have a lot of fun. I want to enjoy my last year of childhood and free education. I’m also expecting a lot of stress and work.”

  1. What is your favorite high school memory?

“My favorite high school memory was the One Act theatre competition I participated in, as we ended up getting second place. The feeling of love and achievement from my theatre family was overwhelming and heartfelt.”

  1. What are your after graduation plans?

“After graduation, I’m going to get a tattoo, travel to Italy and France, and begin college in the fall.”

  1. Are you excited to graduate?

“I can’t wait to graduate. I think about it daily.”

  1. Have you enjoyed your time here?

“My time here was full of difficult obstacles, but overcoming them is what made my time here so enjoyable. I accomplished more than I believed I could. Along the way, I meet others who helped me jump over hurdles, which I in turn helped them jump too. I have connected, accomplished, and enjoyed.”


Emma Teems

  1. “I want to spend my last year spreading kindness to the school and hopefully teaching others about how far kindness can go.”
  2. “Thespian Conference, a three day retreat for people involved with the theatre, and the Shuler Hensley Awards, which is basically the Tony’s for high schools in Georgia.”
  3. “I plan on going to college and majoring in music education, so I can become a music teacher.”
  4. “Yes. I am so excited to leave.”
  5. “I have enjoyed my time here, and I’m going to miss the awesome teachers and the theatre family I’ve gotten so close to!”

Alexandria Bagwell

  1. “I am expecting to make as many memories as I possibly can!”
  2. “I have two. Walking down the field for Homecoming Court with my dad and seeing Troupe 5368 nominated for two Shuler Hensley awards, were both pure magic.”
  3. “After I graduate, I hope to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Musical Theatre and see what doors God opens for me.”
  4. “I am very excited to graduate and see what the future holds. I will definitely miss my younger friends though!”
  5. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at North. I’ve had caring teachers, wonderful friends, and too many memories to count.”

Jonathan Nissen

  1. “I’m expecting a nice year with some great memories and I’d also like to get a motorcycle and some tattoos.”
  2. “Jason Gardner, Emilee Bradford, and I used to have jam sessions before and after school while we waited.”
  3. “I am not sure where I want to go for business school, but I want to get a degree in business. Then I want to go to Nashville to study audio engineering and music production.”
  4. “Yes, I don’t want to be here.”
  5. “Drama has been nice. I enjoyed the friends I made, the experiences I had, and how much I’ve grown.”

Haley Hubbard

  1. “I’d like to get a basis of what college will be like and to spend time with my friends.”
  2. “When choir was selected for GMEA last year, I felt like all of our hard work had finally paid off, and our family had accomplished something great.”
  3. “I wasn’t to go to college and co-major in finance and international business.”
  4. “I’m really excited to graduate and create my own life, but I don’t want to go because I will miss my friends.”
  5. “I’ve definitely enjoyed my time! I think North is a fun school with awesome people!”


That sums up our little glimpse into the lives of seniors. If anyone can empathize, leave me a comment about the stresses and excitement of almost being an adult.