An Open Letter to High School (From a Student’s Perspective)

The hallways of any high school are important. They’re where all the magic happens. They’re at the heart of everything.

The hallways of any high school are important. They’re where all the magic happens. They’re at the heart of everything.

Morgan Champion, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Dear High School,

I do not know who invented you or your classes, stress, and downright horror, but whoever it was, they must have been ingenious. Anyone who takes the time to organize seven hours a day into a series of fifty minute increments must have been a mathematician or extremely bored. Also, this anonymous soul is technically responsible for the billon-dollar high school movie franchise, so thank you for giving our generation the gifts of Mean Girls, High School Musical, Footloose, Saved by the Bell, Magic School Bus, and so many more.


Moving on. Your cafeteria food may not be the tastiest thing in the universe, but it has earned you a lot of internet fame. I do not know anyone who does not love a good school lunch meme or to continuously guess what exactly the “mystery meat” contains. I’d have to say that you’ve done pretty good for yourself, High School. Most of us cannot even get the teacher to remember our names. Speaking of teachers, did you know the over half of the student body fantasizes about whether their boring educator lives a conspicuous double life? Someone as dry as the average Algebra teacher cannot be that dry forever, right? Maybe they go scuba diving in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe they are a spy, constantly searching for the next international criminal.

The point is, High School, you are not as terrible as people make you out to be. Without you, we would not have produced over half our entertainment. We would not have hilarious memes or video games that poke fun at janitors and teachers, or those last four years of childhood in general. Students enter your doors as timid little caterpillars and manage to escape as confident, beautiful butterflies, ready to handle whatever life throws their way. You teach them not only what it takes to walk across the graduation stage in May, but also how to live life. Without you, High School, the world just might erupt into chaos.


Thank you for saving our society from what could have turned into many wars. Thank you for helping restore peace. I love you, High School. Keep doing what you’re doing.


The Average Student