Why is Toyota so Successful?

Toyota makes excellent trucks and cars that are very reliable. Trucks and SUV’s are able to go off road and explore very different places in the world.

Toyota makes excellent trucks and cars that are very reliable. Trucks and SUV’s are able to go off road and explore very different places in the world.

Bailey Young, Staff Writer

Toyota is the best and most reliable company, especially considering there are 29 other car companies. Toyota was invented in August of 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota, as a corporation, has become one of the best in the world to manufacture cars that last.  The unorthodox manufacturing company helps the Japanese make the best vehicles possible for customers all over the world at a low cost. Toyota is now the world’s largest carmaker, passing Chevrolet and Ford.

With Toyota being so large of a company, they have managed to maintain their strategy and continue to improve in any way possible.  At Toyota, employees are trained in the “Toyota Production System” (TPS). This helps them create the high quality vehicles at the lowest cost and fastest pace. There are many reasons as to why Toyota is so successful in producing reliable cars and even selling their cars all around the world, including are long-term planning, studious speediness, an open mind, obsession with waste, and humility.

Long-term planning is a very big factor in Toyota’s success in the automobile industry. Other car companies respond to trends, fads, and numbers, but Toyota thinks ahead to the future. For example, Toyota developed the Toyota Prius Hybrid in 2000. In 2000, with gas prices being low, the average car-buyer cared about looks more than gas mileage. However, Toyota thought ahead and built an electric car for the future. The Pruis boosted Toyota up to a commanding lead in technology.

”Studious speed” describes how Toyota takes their time and looks at all of their options when developing a vehicle. There are a lot of people that complain that Toyota takes a long time to make cars, but that is an issue among all car companies. The third reason is them having an open mind about creating new innovations. They learned a lot from Ford as they studied their management and theories, which helped Toyota to get a good jump in the world’s largest car market, even being a foreign company coming into the United States. As time went on, Toyota still was figuring out what customers wanted to see in the lot. They came into the car market with a huge open mind, and as they figured things out, they would develop what needed to be made.  When they made these vehicles, they made them to the best of their ability and the cars turned out to be the nation’s most reliable cars in America.

A fourth reason for their success is their obsession with waste. It may seem a bit odd, but Toyota had a “continuous improvement” ethos for their industry. Toyota would not accept any inefficiency in any category in the company. Their motto said that they wanted to be better than anyone else. If someone passed them in stats, they would find a way to pass them again. They strived to be the best at what they do. If Toyota can attach something to a car in ten minutes, they will find a way to get that down to five minutes, then two minutes, and so on…. Toyota wants and is motivated to be better than all 29 other car companies.

Last but not least, the fifth reason is humility. They do not have one individual star, not one person takes credit for everything. They emphasize teamwork when creating new things. Everyone that works for Toyota is equal. Even if they are a mechanic compared to the CEO, they are glorified as the same thing and are given the same praise. Toyota is ALL about team work.

With these five reasons, I believe Toyota is the best car company in the world. They make the most reliable cars, SUV’s, and trucks out of any other car company. Toyota is one of the most high quality car companies.  They first started out in Japan but then expanded to the States and have grown from there.  Toyota has succeeded for many years in the car business, and no one has really known why. They still plan on being the best for years to come. Toyota will continue to succeed if they keep going forward with the right attitude.