Letter from a Freshman


Here is a demonstration of what high school life does to the innocent lives of many – including seniors and many other people from all walks of life.

Lany Campbell, Staff writer

Dear school,

Why do we have to worry about our futures before we turn sixteen when we have not

adapted to high school life yet? With the homework, assignments, reality checks, and tests it

overwhelms us. Well, for the vast majority of the student body, they try to figure out what they

want to do with their lives the beginning of freshman year, how exactly they are to achieve it,

working and attempting to build relationships they think will last in the long run. The rest of us

watch all the madness while trying to keep our sanity.

With limited time to unwind and find relaxation, we end up dreaming about the

upcoming assignments, drama and topics brought up about how we have to start looking for jobs

to support ourselves when we go off to college. So thank you high school, for wonderfully

succeeding in causing the rest of us to stress out of our minds, worry about how we appear to

others, lose hair or become prematurely bald/gray-haired, short-tempered, and, lastly, try to grow

up too fast.


One overwhelmed and anxious freshman