The Election: Is America headed for victory or defeat?


Various North students show their support of their favorite candidate. There is a wide variety of Trump, Hillary, and Neither supporters here at NFHS.

Lauryn Almand, Staff Writer

When the ballot for the 2016 Presidential Campaign was announced back in August 2015, The United States divided into a sea of controversy. Complaints bombarded each candidate as more citizens began forming strong opinions about each of them. As the year progressed, there were little to no positive conversations being held about our possible next President. The idea that a former reality TV show host or someone with short-term memory loss could be in charge of over 319 million individuals made many Americans uneasy about this election.


For the past eight years, with Barack Obama in office, America has undergone many changes. He increased support for Veterans, improved food safety system, invested heavily in renewable technology, and also had multiple other accomplishments. Despite all of these accomplishments and improvements that the United States has received, there has still been controversy over whether or not America was improved or degraded in the hands of Barack Obama. A huge amount of Obama supporters have turned their support over to Hillary Clinton for this year’s upcoming election. Barack and Michelle have also recently been speaking out at Conferences and other events to show their support for Mrs. Clinton, but mostly to show their extreme disapproval of Mr. Trump.


With all of the controversy that has been placed upon this election, we can’t help but wonder if America is headed in the right direction, or if everything our founding fathers and past presidents have worked immensely hard for will be altered or ruined entirely. With any result, a huge amount of our country will be disappointed with our leader, and this could absolutely lead to conflict in the future.


A poll that I conducted between various North Forsyth High School students shows that Trump and Hillary are equally liked throughout our school, and a huge amount of people will be disappointed if the other party was to win. Donald Trump was chosen 38 times by North Students, Hillary was chosen 32 times, and a “neither” option was also presented, which was chosen by students 13 times.


Ultimately, it is a mistake to believe that any type of nation-wide positive feedback will come from this 2016 Election. Will the fate of our country be handed over to a short-tempered individual or one with a secrecy problem? Either way, we are most definitely entering a time of necessary change.