Latin Club Schedules Tie-Dye Fundraiser to Raise Money for Chariot Race


Mackenzie Cary, President, and Morgan Kilpatrick, Vice President, both worked to arrange the event scheduled in Mr. Hodges’ classroom, Room 343. “It’s going to be a cha-RIOT,” senior Mackenzie said, laughing.

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer

After a shipping disruption and an angry phone call on Latin Club adviser Mr. Hodges’ behalf, Latin Club officially rescheduled its tie-dye fundraiser from Nov. 16 to the first Wednesday returning from Thanksgiving Break, Nov. 30.

Latin Club organized the fundraiser as a way to earn money for the end of the year state level chariot race competition where students in Latin Clubs all over the state construct their own chariot. The competition requires two chariots, one holding a male driven by four females and one holding a female driven by four males. Latin Clubs all over the state compete for one thing: honor.

The Latin Club has only recently begun to get traction in interacting with the North Forsyth community, such as with its previous events like bowling. Club Vice President, Morgan Kilpatrick, says that Latin Club is an opportunity for everyone.

“The club really revolves around people with an interest in Roman culture, you know, but it’s mostly just hanging out with Hodges,” Kilpatrick explains. “We do a lot of fun things, the biggest being the chariot ride at the end of the year.”

White shirts for the tie-dye fundraiser are sold for $5 in Mr. Hodges’ room, and the event is scheduled for Nov. 30 during IF.