‘Tis (Still) the Season to Volunteer


Forsyth County’s Northside Hospital is a great place to spend your time volunteering.

Sydney Martin, Staff Writer

Christmas may be over, but you can still be in the giving spirit by volunteering.

There are many reasons that volunteering is something everybody should do. Of course it helps other people, and even one extra person volunteering for anything can make a big difference. But it is also good for your health to volunteer- studies have proven that volunteering is beneficial for your well-being, both mentally and physically. Giving back to your community makes you feel happier and more satisfied with yourself. Additionally, students can earn community credits for every hour spent volunteering for certain programs, which colleges always look for.

Even something as small as volunteering to set up chairs makes a difference in the big scheme of things. If you complete something that other people want, you will feel happy just by making them happy. If your job is to pass something out to a crowd, the interactions you have will usually be positive.

Since anyone is able to volunteer in some way within their community, it’s not hard at all. You only have to be ready to follow instructions and be open-minded about whatever you will have to do beforehand. So why do many people not do it? One big reason is the mindset that since they aren’t getting anything in return, there is no point. However, that statement is false, because there are health benefits tied to volunteering, not to mention an improved community.

Volunteering is fun, so it’s a win-win situation for students who want to earn community credits. The Forsyth County public libraries, Meals by Grace and Northside Hospital are just a few places that are always needing new volunteers. I have experience with all three of them, and I would recommend investing your time in volunteering for any of them. Keep in mind, just one person can make a huge difference.