How Shane Dawson Transformed YouTube Culture


In the past year, Shane Dawson has become famous for his Investigative “docuseries.” What really attracts his audience is the perfect balance of comedy, suspense, and inspiration. Photo From: “The Real Truth About Tanacon” by Shane Dawson

Anna Anglin, Web Editor

Three years from today, some avid youtube watchers might have viewed Shane Dawson as a dying comedian. Dawson began his youtube career in 2008, making sketch comedy videos performing as his own original characters, celebrity satire and discussing pop culture. He quickly gained internet fame and a wide fanbase. However, by 2015, Dawson’s videos began to accumulate less and less views, and his subject matter no longer had that special twist that so many of his viewers cherished. “I wasn’t completely in it … I was thinking about what other people think about me rather than making something that I would actually click on,” Shane opened up about in a recent video.


So, if Dawson’s videos were doing so bad, how is he one of the most viewed youtubers of 2018? The simple answer is: Shane Dawson started making unique videos, producing a new side to the Youtube platform. Beginning with his famous conspiracy theory videos in 2016, Shane captured his viewers and began a new trend. He quickly became known for his spooky subject matter and fans fell in love.


What truly transformed Shane Dawson’s platform was the introduction of investigative “docuseries,” or a series of videos in which Dawson investigates a specific popular youtuber and delves into their often secretive lives. Originally starting with the blind youtuber, Molly Burke, Shane continued to touch on other youtubers such as GRAV3YARDGIRL, Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and most recently Jake Paul. His distinctive style has brought him millions of views and new fans from across the globe.


The underlying theme throughout all of Shane’s videos is that he continuously shines a positive light on those he investigates. He humanizes the youtubers who otherwise may seem impossible to sympathize with. His most recent series, “The Mind of Jake Paul,” allowed many Jake Paul critics to see the deeper parts of his life. In the same way throughout his prior series, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” Shane went past what’s at face value and showcased Star’s complex lifestyle.


Shane Dawson has remained relevant and unique in the 10 long years he has been on Youtube, an achievement not many can relate to. Although hitting some bumps along the way, Dawson finally found his true place in the Youtube world and found a strong, supporting fanbase . His contribution of videos in 2018 have truly transformed the culture surrounding Youtube for years to come.