The Importance Of Voting

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  • Voters receive stickers after casting their ballot to show their support.

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Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

In today’s political sphere it is more important than ever to vote, particularly in the younger generation. However, millennials are the ones not participating in elections, or if they do, they are counted as being less reliable voters than their elders. This age group, however, makes up 31 percent of the electorate which proves just how important their votes are in swaying an election. Many individuals attribute not showing up to the polls due to millenials not being as invested in politics due to their age. And some say it is due to the younger generations carelessness. However, it is an important right that all should take advantage of and here is why:

1. A person should be able to shape their future

Younger points of view provide a fresh and new perspective in politics which is important in keeping government relevant. If a young adult fails to vote, they are yielding their future over to others to make a decision that will shape the future for decades.

2. It is important to get involved

Voting demonstrates good faith and allows you to participate in relevant conversations concerning elections, and it is an easy way in which to become involved in your community and country. Additionally, you get to express your opinion in a way that will be seen and heard and taken into account.

3. Look educated!

Voting is a perfect way to stay engaged in current events and politics and makes you look highly intelligent and educated. Your elders will respect you. Your friends will respect you. Your family will respect you for your integrity in exercising your right as an American citizen. It helps keep you connected to the news, policies and politicians, and it adds overall value to your education.

4. Break the stereotypes

It is a common stereotype that young people do not vote, and oftentime the statistics prove it correct. Prove everyone wrong and cast your vote…your voice is important and needs to be heard.

And, finally:

5. It is fun

There is no better feeling than being involved in your community and country. Take it from  Senior Natalie Worley, who describes her first voting experience as,”so cool [getting] use that right for the first time and making my voice heard as an American citizen.”

So, get out there and vote…it is important.