Hard Work Paid Off in the Long Run for North’s Track and Field Team


Forsyth County’s first high school track meet of the season went well for North’s Raiders.

Carena Ravenel, Staff Writer

On Feb. 13, all Forsyth County track and field teams, including North’s, traveled to Lambert High School to run in Forsyth County’s first track meet of the season.  Coach Shively and North’s Track and Field Team were proud of the outcome of their first meet.

One of the many highlights of the meet was when freshman Ava Carroll finished second in the 1600 meter dash with a time of six minutes and 16 seconds.  Although Carroll did not place first in the 1600, she did a fantastic job racing against older and more experienced classmen.

“I felt really good about my time,” Carroll explains, “I wish I had done better and pushed myself more, but overall, I’m proud of myself. I’m going to do better during practice in order to do my absolute best in future meets.”

Senior Josh Schunk placed second in the 800 meter dash with a time of two minutes and six seconds,  two seconds away from winning first place

Another close call was senior Trevor Elliot’s 400 meter dash when he placed second with a time of 52.92 seconds.

The Boys Long Jump was the the shining moment for NFHS’s Track and Field Team because senior Ethan Holland won first place, making his teammates and coaches very proud of him. Coach Shively made a point to brag about Holland’s success in a conversation, showing how proud he was of the athlete. Holland certainly did a great job demonstrating his skills last meet and will definitely outdo himself next meet.

North’s Track and Field team did an outstanding job for their first meet of the season, and they will come out of the next meet just as successful as their first.