Is the Movie Industry Losing Its Creativity?


This is Gaby Ippolito, a freshman. She is holding her favorite movie.

Is the film industry losing its creativity? In my opinion, I believe it is. They never seem to change the storyline and they always have the same plot. Especially nowadays with the Disney remakes. There are also some old movies that fall into this category as well, like A Bug’s Life and Antz. They are practically the same animation.

In 1872, Edward Muybridge created the first movie ever. It was called ” The Horse in Motion.” In this short film, it featured a man riding a horse, which was only thirty-one seconds long. Back then, films did not have sound and were in black and white. This is what people now call a classic. 

Compared to when the first movie was made, the film industry has grown tremendously. Films escalated from being black and white with no sound and being two seconds long to full length musicals, full of color and two or more hours long.

Recently, what I noticed in films and production companies (for example, Disney Lionsgate) is that they have been remaking movies over and over again. Or they have made too many movies about the same topic. Take Aladdin for instance, they literally remade the same movie. The only difference was the viewer got to see it in a non-animated fashion and in a live action form. The Viewers already know what is going to happen in these movies. 

So far they have made nine Fast and Furious movies with another on its way in 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fast and Furious movies but I think nine movie is too much for a series with the same plot. Gabriela Ippolito, a ninth grader, said, “they need to stop making more Fast and Furious movies. It’s getting annoying.” 

It just feels like the movie industry has given up. I feel optimized that in the future something might change.