Should Teenagers Still go Trick or Treating in High School?


Children and teenagers that live in your neighborhood will be lining up at the door, waiting for you to walk up with a candy bowl like this in your arms.

It’s October, which means that it is spooky season. Parents are buying the big bags of candy, kids are picking out their Halloween costumes and all the houses in the neighborhood are being decorated with Halloween decor. But, it seems that not all the kids in the neighborhood will be out on Halloween night trick or treating.

Halloween is the one day in the entire year that you can dress up and be whatever you wish to be. You can run around and scare people and even be a total prankster. It is also the one day you can travel from door to door in a costume to get free candy as well as spending time with friends.

A survey on ‘If teenagers should still trick or treat in high school’ taken of 21 students ranging from freshmen to seniors, shown on the pie chart, 66.7 percent of the students said they should and 33.3 percent said teenagers should not. You would think that kids in high school would just go to parties, but that’s not always the case. Some of the students who said teenagers should still go trick or treating are going to go trick or treating themselves. The students saying that teenagers should not trick or treat said things like “it’s for kids”, “little children might not get as much candy if teenagers go”, and “it’s not a proper use of time”. Senior Daphni Torres said, “Us teenagers are old enough to buy our own candy instead of taking some that are meant for kids”. Even though teenagers can go and buy their own candy, going trick or treating is a fun experience.

If you are worried that you would be taking candy from the little kids you can just go out later more towards the end of the crowd. Halloween is not just a holiday for kids to go trick or treating. Halloween is for all ages. There is something for everyone. Younger kids can go trick or treating and us teenagers can go too. We can even scare people if we want to. So, that’s why high school teenagers should still go trick or treating.