Raider Station Hosts Holiday Event, “Santa’s Workshop”


The Raider Station has created a two-week-long event called “Santa’s Workshop” to claim discounts on school apparel this holiday. This is sophomore Bailey Sanders (a school store employee) standing in front of the discount calendar.

North Forsyth High School’s school store, the Raider Station, has created a fun way to get discounts for the holidays. They call it “Santa’s Workshop,” and all students throughout the school can participate in it. Students can purchase stocking stuffers, gifts and many more for their friends and family. This event will be going on from Dec. 2 – Dec. 13.

Raiders can win free items and discounts on all apparel. The discount percentages range anywhere from 10 to 50 percent off. Some of the activities the school store is hosting are competitions for singing holiday songs, comparing holiday sweaters and competing in cornhole matches. Outside of school, if students can get a picture with Santa, they get 50 percent off of Dippin’ Dots. Some of the events are as easy as following the Raider Station on Instagram to get a free cookie. 

The students who came up with the idea “Santa’s Workshop” are sophomore Aiden Scranton and junior Emma Holmes. They wanted to find a way to get students to become more involved with their school store. 

Sophomore Bailey Sanders, a school store employee, expressed, “We try to get everyone to know about it by advertising it to people around the school.” They want as many people as possible to participate in the deals. So far they have had a good turn out with customer flow and hope to have even more this following week. The deals each day help determine the number of students engaged in the event. 

On top of the Raider Station’s “Santa’s Workshop”, ROCT is doing a Toys for Tots drive, and the gift dropbox is located outside of the school store. In the mornings, members of this program stand outside in the car rider line for donations too. They encourage students to bring in new toys for the children who are less fortunate this holiday season.