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Christmas is the best time to get anything off of your wishlist.

Top 5 Gifts

Rohani Nguyen, Editor in Chief December 10, 2023

December has officially started which means parents are going to be asking for their kids' Christmas lists. Every year children are racking their heads around what they want to ask for. This year journalism...

The Raider Station has created a two-week-long event called “Santa’s Workshop” to claim discounts on school apparel this holiday. This is sophomore Bailey Sanders (a school store employee) standing in front of the discount calendar.

Raider Station Hosts Holiday Event, “Santa’s Workshop”

Cynda Allen, Opinion Editor December 9, 2019

North Forsyth High School’s school store, the Raider Station, has created a fun way to get discounts for the holidays. They call it “Santa’s Workshop,” and all students throughout the school can...

Everyone wants to be the most romantic boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but it is impossible to achieve this goal without the perfect gift. Take a look at our guide to help you decide what to get your bae for Valentine’s Day.

How to Win Valentine’s Day: Gifts to Get the One You Cherish

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer February 12, 2019

February, the month of love. When those who are single suffer terribly in their loneliness, and those who are fortunate enough to be dating gaze deep into each other’s eyes, confess their love and struggle...

This year, Saint Nicholas announced that he will no longer be traveling around the world to hand out presents. He claimed that everyone is so ungrateful nowadays and that people need to do more giving rather than receiving.

Santa Quits Christmas This Year

Cynda Allen, Staff Writer December 22, 2018

On Monday, Dec. 17, 2018, Saint Nicholas--commonly known as Santa Claus--stated that he would be quitting Christmas. At 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Nicholas stood in front of his home at the North Pole,...

On your mark, get set, SHOP!

Red and Green Mean: Black Friday

Bella Angell December 7, 2017

It is almost that time of the year: when the Friday after Thanksgiving cues the holiday season. The official name is “Black Friday.” The phrase Black Friday refers to the single day of the year when...

These are pictures that you can create your DIY gifts with.

Quick DIY Christmas Gifts

Marissa Dintino, Staff Writer January 8, 2016

  Although we all hate to admit it, we all forget to buy Christmas gifts for each other at some point in our lives. For this reason, I have compiled a list of DIY quick Christmas gifts so you can...

Amongst all gifts, there are ones in the blood.
This is not a proper demonstration of one of those gifts.

Gifts to a Witch

Savannah Keith, Poetry Editor November 16, 2015

Being a witch is hard. Our candle supply is in constant thirst, our incense stick stash is always burning up, and finding wands is a sylphing pain. Being caught without sage is as detrimental as being...

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