How to Win Valentine’s Day: Gifts to Get the One You Cherish


Everyone wants to be the most romantic boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but it is impossible to achieve this goal without the perfect gift. Take a look at our guide to help you decide what to get your bae for Valentine’s Day.

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

February, the month of love. When those who are single suffer terribly in their loneliness, and those who are fortunate enough to be dating gaze deep into each other’s eyes, confess their love and struggle to plan the most romantic night of the year.  But one cannot have a good night without a good gift. Therefore, it is imperative that the gift you get your other half on your romantic venture is not only meaningful, but also memorable and unique. Our team here at the Raider Wire have compiled a list of “must have” gifts for this Valentine’s season to help you in your quest.


  1. Picture of yourself

If they truly love you, they will love nothing more than a picture of your beautiful face. After all, you are their world and purpose for living. And what better way to help them remember that than with a picture? To cause the photo to really stand out and make an impression, place the photo in a neon pink heart frame so they truly have a physical emblem of your love. If you are feeling extra creative and loving, fuchsia-pink sparkles stuck to the frame with glue would be a wonderful addition. And do not forget to add tiny strobe lights to the frame so you can really light up their night.

  1. Jewelry/Accessories

Jewelry is a staple Valentine’s Day gift and for good reason. You can easily buy a customized piece for the person you love that will truly show them how much they mean to you. For example, a classic is a necklace on a large gold chain that reads, in sparkly letters, “taken.”  Females especially treasure tokens such as these, which make them feel like they are their man’s object and make it clear to everyone else as well that they belong to someone. Or, if you are a female looking to get your guy something cool, consider investing in a large ring covered in shimmer gloss molded into your name so that whenever they look at their hands they can remember you.

  1. Chocolate

Who hates chocolate? No one! That is why it is always a good gift. A chocolate molded into the shape of your face would been even more meaningful and commemorative of the occasion. However, finding someone to create this masterpiece could be challenging because the chocolate often melts, resulting in disfiguration of the face, but your love will surely not mind these slight alterations.  If you really want to add the icing on the cake, get the chocolate arrangement made to look like their face. Then, they can see the beauty that you see when you look at them, even despite slight melting.  

  1. A letter

A handwritten letter is the most romantic gesture of all time. It is the perfect way to woo the one you love. Why else do you think Shakespeare wrote so many sonnets? He knew the value of handwritten affection. Your significant other would treasure a letter filled with the way you stalked them before you knew them, took pictures of them while they slept, and already had your whole lives planned out for the future. Adding details about your past relationships and Valentine’s Day experiences is a perfect way to go the extra mile and make sure they are aware of the expectations you have placed on them to make your love perfect. Writing to compare them to other people you have spent Valentine’s Day with in the past is also incredibly romantic.


If you want to be especially unique and blow your significant other away with your gift-giving abilities, buy a potato! But not just any potato: a potato with your face printed on it. This gift will speak volumes about your love. Below is the link for this amazing idea!