HSMTMTS: Why Ricky Is the Better Boyfriend (Spoilers)


This is the cast of High School Musical The Musical The Series. Nini is in-between Ricky and E.J.

“High School Musical The Musical The Series” is a new television show exclusive to Disney Plus. It is about a group of teenagers who practice their roles in their high school’s remake of “High School Musical.” The main characters are Nini, E.J, and Ricky. In their rendition of the play, Nini scores the main character of Gabriella, E.J plays Chad, and Ricky plays Troy. 

Ricky is Nini’s ex-boyfriend. He told Nini that he needed a break after she told him that she loved him. Ricky did love her, he just wasn’t ready to say it. Even though he didn’t tell her that he loved her, he proved it in many different ways throughout the show. When Ricky found out that Nini was trying out for the school play, he auditioned too. During the play, he sang a song he wrote for her instead of the song from the musical. In the song, he mutters the words “I love you” and the fact that he went on stage, in front of a huge audience, says it all. 

In the last episode of the first season, Ricky was told that the person in charge of the school that Nini wanted to get into was in the audience. He ended up giving up his role as Troy because he kept messing up on stage and wanted Nini to have the best chance of impressing this person as possible. This was hard for him because the person he gave his role up to was E.J., his enemy.  

E.J. is the boy that Nini met at a musical camp during summer break. They started dating and that’s when Ricky tried to prove to Nini that he loved her. E.J. got jealous of Ricky anytime he got near Nini. Later on, E.J. stole Nini’s phone. After he looked through it, he refused to give it back. This just proves the lack of trust in the relationship. Ricky trusted Nini enough that he never went through her phone. 

A poll of NFHS students proves that Ricky is the better boyfriend. In the poll, three out of five people agree that Ricky is the better boyfriend. Freshman Eva Wattson said, “E.J. tried too hard, and lied to Nini, instead of being there, and trusting her. Ricky didn’t lie to Nini about anything like E.J., that makes him more trustworthy.”