Yungblud Throws a Corona-Proof Virtual Concert

British pop-rock artist Yungblud bounced into action when his upcoming international tour was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In just 72 hours, he put together his own digital concert with a twist. He safely served fans with a Rock n’ Roll version of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that lasted a little over an hour.

The concert featured a talk show-like set-up with quick comedy bits and even a cooking segment in between musical performances. These fragments were accompanied by artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Bella Thorne, and Oliver Tree. Yungblud’s fans from all over posted videos onto Instagram and Twitter of themselves and their loved ones moshing to his performance as if they were actually at the concert, using #theyungbludshow. 

Sophomore Jewel Reynolds has been listening to Yungblud since his musical career started out in 2018. “One of my favorite songs by him is ‘Loner’ and I was glad to see him play it live through ‘The Yungblud Show.’ Overall, the digital concert was super fun and I felt as if I was there. Not to mention, he also played a lot of good songs. It is very clear to me that he cares for his fans. I haven’t seen an artist do something so high-effort like this before. In the behind the scenes video, you can see that he really put thought into making it the best it could be. The virtual concert was done so well and for little reason other than making his fans happy. I loved it.”

Besides “The Yungblud Show,” the 22-year-old rockstar also created a Youtube Original series called “Stay Home With: Yungblud.” He released the first episode out of five on April 27. The series will follow the day-to-day lives of him and his roommates during quarantine and show how it has affected the release date of his new upcoming album. 

Yungblud has shown that he truly cares for his fans. He is trying his best to keep them happy and entertained throughout this strange time. Hopefully, other artists will soon start following Yungblud’s lead and move from small jam sessions to making entire digital online concerts.