Why You Need to Vote


The famous Uncle Sam photo urging people to vote with a twist. The face of a baby is portrayed to show how voting influences future generations. Photo from aiga.org.

Everyone should vote. Let me say that again, EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE. It is in the foundation of our democratic republic that we as the people should vote.

Here’s what people do not understand: if you do not vote,  you are relinquishing your freedom of speech. Our nation’s founding fathers insisted on giving the public the right to use their voice in order to decide on who they want as a leader. Because of this privilege, the first amendment gives you freedom of speech through voting. By not voting, you are simply throwing your voice away. Ben Franklin claimed that the new government was a “republic if you can keep it.” So by not voting, you make the democratic system one step closer to vanishing.

Another thing people somehow seem to forget is that these elections matter. It’s not like we are choosing what kind of cereal we want our moms to buy for us this week (which can be challenging);  we are voting for our nation’s leader for, potentially, the next four years. Elections are your chance to let your voice be heard about matters that are important to you and your lifestyle. By not voting, you are leaving the things that affect you up to someone else.

I’m sure you like to pay your taxes. Now, I’m not going to say that I know how to avoid paying taxes, but by voting, you can choose what your tax dollars go to. Many citizens go through their life paying the taxes that they are told to with no real understanding of what they are. However, that could change by voting. When you vote, not only are you voting for the president of the United States, but you are also voting for what you think your tax dollars should go towards (ex. various health programs and defense funding).

Voting in America elicits change. While some may feel their vote means nothing, that is not the case. Many people don’t vote because they are under the false impression that their vote, their voice, doesn’t matter. I am here to tell you that it does. Every vote matters because every opinion matters. If there is something you are unhappy with, then get out and express that by voting. There will more than likely be someone who agrees with you and will stand right alongside you.

Now let’s think about history. You should vote because you have the right to vote. You are not entitled to vote; you are privileged to vote. There are millions of people who put their families on hold and risk their lives, in order to ensure that you as a citizen have the opportunity to vote. It is your duty as an American citizen to exercise your right and vote.

Now let’s say you don’t like any of the candidates, or you are not happy with the world as it is today. You should still vote. Vote for future generations; vote to ensure the right people stay in the right political places to help the country and world be a better place for your children and grandchildren. Voting also sets an example to all other nations and future generations of what good civic duty looks like in America.

The next time you are debating on whether or not you should vote, just remember that it is your civic duty to do so. Not only does voting benefit yourself, but it also it benefits others by making a more efficient community and a more efficient America.