The Beauty of Socialism


Political cartoon showing the know all mindset of socialism. Photo from Pinterest.

Socialism truly is a beautiful thing. Without socialism, countries that have been crippled may not have had the opportunity to ruin themselves. Socialism is quite literally what keeps the world spinning; socialism keeps everyone happy… everyone loves socialism. 


What is not to love about working hard for your money, and then not being able to spend it? Every successful person, who has walked on this Earth, knows that when you earn the hard-working dollar, the best and only thing to do with it is to give it to the people who do not work. Why would anyone not want to turn over their hard-earned money when they know this is the best option for their money and their community?


The founding fathers of the United States of America intended for everyone to feel this way. They were very adamant that the nation be built upon the true entity of socialism. The founding fathers knew that everyone deserves money no matter how hard they work for it. Quite frankly, all anyone needs to do is want money. If money is what people desire, then they should get it free of charge.


Not to mention one of the best things about socialism is that your failures are not really your fault. They are the rest of the community’s problems. It is their job to save everyone. Imagine how productive society could be if no one was held responsible for their actions. Why would you not want to live in a place where it is your responsibility to solve everyone else’s problems? Seems like a real slam dunk. 


Socialism is also founded on the flawless ‘know it all’ tactic. Everyone knows what is best for everyone. It is true; strangers really do know what is best for everyone regardless of never meeting them. Everyone is equal, so if someone knows something then everyone knows it. If anyone has not thought of a solution, that is because it does not exist. Since it does not exist, there is no need in trying to solve it. It is the government’s job to make sure no one tries to fix unfixable problems. This mentality is the mentality of a thriving society.


Government is the key to socialism. When the community fails to help, there is always the government to rely on. The government will always provide money for those who need it. Who cares that it comes from their pockets and everyone else’s pockets through mandatory taxes?It truly is the government’s money, and they are helping. The government is everyone’s friend.


A socialist government is truly beautiful because if you have two cows, the government can take one of them and give it to your neighbor. Wouldn’t you just love to give your obnoxious neighbor who plays music until three in the morning one of your hard-earned cows? That is the key to every successful society. Without socialism, it is baffling to see how anyone could be happy and prosperous. It is absolutely necessary to truly thrive. Socialism is the truth. Socialism is love. Socialism is beautiful.