Young Love


How could they leave someone that loved them the most? What could have changed our outcome? Photo from Pinterest.

How could you hurt

 the person that loved you most? 

When you used to hold them tight, 

And never let them go


They were there for you

When no one else was

But yet, like a breeze

They went as quickly 

As they came.


They gave you butterflies. 

The type that you would feel for days

The ones that never really went away


Oh, how you wished that feeling lasted.

The laughs, the smiles, 

the overall love for one another.

Like true ecstasy.


But, sadly, like a crashing wave, 

It all came to a stop.

Their facade wore off.

You saw beneath the mask,

Beneath the date nights,

Long nights, and city lights,

They weren’t the person you thought they were. 


They let themselves go.

Their demons caught up with them

They no longer knew 

Which way was up and 

Which way was down.


There was nothing you could do

They swam in their demons:

Demons that had grimacing smiles and black teeth,

teasing laughs and teasing smiles,

And finally, it got to them.

Anxiety, insecurities, 

all added up to the final equation.

The beginning of the end for you and them.


The only mistake they made,

Was that they never told you

They never told anyone

It swallowed them whole,

 And that led to the downfall.


So, again, might I ask?

How could they leave someone that loved them most?