“Little Nightmares Two” Game Review


Source: Tarsier Studios. The cover photo with Mono and Six surrounded by various creatures and puzzles in the game. You can even see The Teacher in the background.

Little Nightmares Two” came out on Feb. 10, 2021, almost four years after the first game, “Little Nightmares,” which was released in April of 2017. The second game had a lot to live up to after the booming success of the first game. It got a nine out of ten on Steam and had a lot of positive reviews. So, here is the official review of its newest addition. Warning: Game spoilers ahead!


Little Nightmares” had a gripping story. You played as a faceless, very small girl named Six. She is only about eight inches tall, which made the world more terrifying. You fight your way through a large ship called “The Maw,” battling horrifying monsters and beasts along the way. 


In the second game, you play as Mono. Similar to Six, he is faceless and about eight inches tall. He wears a paper bag over his head for the majority of the game. He and a mystery girl (who is later revealed to be Six) fight their way through a twisted city that’s being ruled by a sort of transmission. Mono and Six are trying to find the source of it while fighting new beasts and creatures. 


The graphics of the game are excellent. It perfectly fits the tone of the game and makes you feel small in this big world. It has a 3D look and does an amazing job capturing the ugly, scary look of all of the creatures. The way rain and water reflects light and bounces off objects is really well done. It’s still animated but moves naturally, as does Mono’s trench coat and Six’s long hair in the final boss battle. Even with the unnatural movements of certain creatures like The Teacher, it fits very well with the environment. 


The sounds and ambiance are also amazing. The music that plays is similar to the first game, which gives it familiarity and nostalgia. The sound effects were perfect. The sounds of you and Six opening squeaky doors or dropping keys fit right in. It was perfect down to the little details, like accidentally knocking a glass bottle over or walking into a stray can. They did so well with the sound that even you sliding on your trench coat and Six sliding on her raincoat is different because of the difference in materials. Even the rain hitting you, compared to Six, made different noises. 


The new creatures were absolutely mind-blowing. They managed to be scarier than the last game. The first one you encounter is The Teacher. With a horrifying reveal, you see that this large, old lady can extend her neck to extraordinary lengths: long enough to chase you through vents while the rest of her body still sat playing the piano. She is probably the scariest of all of the new creatures. Along with the grotesque-looking doctor that walks on the ceiling, the distorted viewers in the city and The Tall Man, they make hair-raising antagonists for the two pint-sized protagonists. They all manage to be scary with little to no jump scares, which is hard to come by in horror games these days.


The gameplay itself was also great. Some of the puzzles and chases were a bit frustrating and difficult but were great nonetheless. I mostly got frustrated fighting The Bullies and The Hands. To fight both of them, you wield a weapon that is too heavy for you. You have to heave it over your shoulder and bring it down on The Bullies and The Hands. Both of which move very fast and you swing very slow. They will also jump at you, so you have to swing at exactly the right moment. 


Interacting with Six was fantastic, it was nice having a companion for parts of the game. Having her alongside you made the moments she wasn’t there much scarier, it really makes you feel smaller and alone. At one point in the first half of the game, she gets captured by The Bullies and you have to venture into a school alone with no help. And in the last half, she is taken by The Tall Man and you have to battle the biggest antagonist alone.


The ending was shocking and had a huge twist. It was wonderfully done and pulled off. In the end, you save Six and you both make a break for the door out of the new realm you find yourself in. Six jumps on a ledge and makes it to the other side and when you jump for it, she grabs your hand before you fall. This mirrors all of the times this has happened in the game when she assisted you and pulled you to safety. But this time, she looks at you and drops you to the depths below! It was done so well, and there was no hint that she would turn on you. While it was unexpected, it also wasn’t out of the ordinary for her character (as in the first game she was seen doing whatever it takes to survive). Why she did it, I could go on for ages about the theories and the why of it all but this is a review, not a game theory.


In the end, I highly recommend this game. It is absolutely incredible and lived up to the standards that the first game set four years ago. Tarsier Studios did an amazing job with this franchise and I am very excited to see what it has in store for the future because I know this story is not over for Six and Mono.