Vaping is the Dumbest Thing You Can Do


Press Herald via Getty Images

A photo of a Juul being held out. The little thing that some kids would give everything for— throwing away their relationships, health and success. Photo by Getty Images.

I do not think words can properly describe the apathetic idiocy that must coalesce with someone to birth a vape addiction. Not only must one defy all logic and ignore the countless studies that prove the numerous harmful side effects of vaping, but they must also be so selfishly absorbed by their own intrinsic worldview that they do not, even for once, stop and think about the people around them. 


Most people with a vape addiction are fully aware of all of the risks that come with vaping. No one can escape the numerous posters, advertisements and public service announcements from the FDA. Despite knowing full well that they have everything to lose and nothing to gain, people still have their self-destructive tendencies somehow overcome them. Yesenia Del Villar, a junior, states that “there isn’t really a positive effect of vaping… there’s really no point. I think people vape because they want to look cool and be different, and that’s what the media portrays. Those companies are out targeting young teens because they know they’re gonna vape, and so it’s all basically a scheme to get your moneywhich is kinda stupid if you’re the one giving your money out for unnecessary reasons.”


Surely there must be some grand reason for teenagers who cannot even legally vape  to group up in school bathrooms, for the purpose of feeding their addictions at the risk of being suspended or worse. Completely disregarding all of the long-term physical and mental health effects, the immediate punishments for vaping would be enough to discourage people from wanting to start in the first place, right? Obviously, that is not the case, as people view their social image among a few select peers as more important. 


It appears that these people simply do not care about their own health which would be fine if it truly only affected them. The problem is that it doesn’t, and I’m not just talking about secondhand vaping. In general, people do not seem to recognize the countless loved ones in their life that care about them. Friends, family and even acquaintances all care about you in some way. Even if it is hard to see as everyone shows affection in different ways, they would miss you if you were gone, and they care about you and your health. Your own choices do not just affect you. They also affect the people around you that you love the most. Vaping is an epidemic that affects everyone.


Sadly, not everyone who vapes realizes this. Most of the time, a serious problem with vaping goes deeper than simply wanting to look cool. Vaping can sometimes be the cover of various different underlying mental health issues. People need help, and, often, it is difficult to know how to or even who to ask for help as a struggling teenager. Vaping is not the root of the problem; it is simply a mask. It was made a trend by these types of people to help hide the problems that are there.


The thing is if everyone really thought it was cool, everyone would be doing it. Only the people who vape like vaping. Normal people don’t look at you and think any more of you if you vape. I’m not saying this for the sake of argument. I really do mean that I have never, not even once, seen anyone impressed by someone sneaking off to smoke a USB stick.


Emily Scholz, a junior, says that “addiction isn’t cute and having cold sweats, hunched over a toilet going through a panic attack from withdrawals… is just kinda pathetic. Ask anyone who’s vaped before and quit. They’ll say they hate the person they were while they were on it. Most of the time people do it for a social activity or because they’re trying to fix a problemand it’ll just fall right down on them once high school ends because these people aren’t cool. [They] don’t care about anyone but a stick that could break if they drop it in the toilet.”


Although I have seen people laughing, mocking and teasing people who do vape, I have not witnessed any positive changes in the way someone views you for your addiction. The only exception is that small friend group filled with people making the same mistakes and future regrets. If you really value the feeling that you’re a part of something with a handful of friends (who will only stick around for a few years) despite everything listed in this article, then maybe vaping is for you. If not, then hopefully you’re not addicted yet. Addiction cannot be used as an excuse to continue. The more someone vapes, the worse it’ll be to quit. It’s never too late to quit a bad habit where you are right now. That doesn’t mean lay back and say “there’s always tomorrow” in regards to fixing yourself. There are only so many times that can be said before one has to ask “when will tomorrow come?”


That’s the ironic part, isn’t it? Vaping was originally created to help people rid themselves of their nicotine addiction. Now it seems people are abusing them to become addicted, and they are more addictive than cigarettes.  I thought Generation Z was supposed to be the generation to quit smoking. We’re worse off than before. Brenden Knight, a senior, thinks that “people need to stop vaping or else the media is going to start treating us like how boomers treat millennials.” How are we supposed to be the future leaders of the world if we can’t even put a stick down? 


Whatever reason someone may have for vaping, it isn’t enough.