“Not For Broadcast” Game Review: The Calm Before the Storm


The episode two loading screen. We see Alex being moved by an anonymous puppeteer as he edits the news. Source: Not For Broadcast

Not for Broadcast” was first released in January of 2020, however, the third part or ‘episode’ of the game was released almost a year later with more to come. They update the episodes periodically with new gameplay and segments. However, because of Covid-19, they were postponed. But they still update the game every now and then. The game developers, “Not Game,” plan to have a total of ten episodes.


You play as Alex Winston, a man in the broadcast center for ‘The National Nightly News.’ You decide what goes on the news and what gets censored as the city bubbles over with political turmoil. It’s a ‘choose your own path’ type of game and your actions will have major consequences, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Some choices even decide a person’s fate. 


A new roadmap was posted by “Not Game” for “Not For Broadcast’s” future and its full release in early 2022. So here’s an “all you need to know” and game review for what’s to come and why you should buy this game in pre-release.


First off, the main story is absolutely enthralling. Even though it’s a video game, it has real human actors playing the news anchors and guests. Unlike some games where the characters are motion capture like “Detroit: Become Human” and “Until Dawn,” every human character you see is a real person actor. Which makes the story and the characters more personal. You tend to get more attached to the characters. The city is in turmoil over a new political party and a rebellion group. It all comes down to you and what you choose to put on the air. Without spoilers, one of the final scenes in the game was so intense because they were real people and you started to see them as people instead of characters. You can see their thought process and their first reactions— something motion capture and animation can’t do justice to. It’s silly, it’s intense and it’s truly a unique experience. 


Secondly, its realism. The story, while it is fiction, shows the very real danger of censorship and the impact the news has on a community and how much your actions matter. You make decisions on the spot, you have to choose between your family or your city. While interviewing pointless people while the world starts up a war, news anchor Jeremy Donaldson says, “We’re on the brink of a siege the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in hundreds of years!” He continues, “The enemy is at the gates and I’m stuck here talking to these three idiots!” It’s incredibly real and it sometimes starts to feel like life now. 


Lastly, its characters. The main characters are so fleshed out and multidimensional it’s amazing. Its main characters are fantastically human, having their flaws and being rude. They tease each other and have human habits, its dialogue feels natural. Megan Wolfe and Jeremy Donaldson spend the most time on screen and they never falter. The last released chapter was the most intense and nerve-wracking. With no spoilers, Senior Darisel Rivara said, “The whole suspense made me want to keep watching it.” She goes on, “The main character is relatable. [Not gonna lie] he’s a fat mood.” 


The natural dialogue possibly comes from the fact that the whole cast is very close. I had the opportunity to speak with one of the actresses in the game. When asked about her experiences, Claire Racklyeft who played Julia Salisbury answered, “I love it. It’s such a lovely team and so nice to be able to do various versions. I feel so lucky to be part of it.” 


And she too is on the edge of her seat to see the game’s full release and ending. She said, “I can’t wait [for the game] either. From what I’ve been told, it’s going to be awesome.” Later stating that the release will be “worth the wait.”


It’s such an incredible game and story and I highly recommend it. It’s still in early release as of May 2021, but updates and new features come out often. The team is always looking for the players’ reviews and feedback. With a full release expected in the next year, I have high hopes for this game and its ending. Costing about $25 on Steam, it’s a good price for an extraordinary piece of media.