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The Raider Station Refresh Is on Its Way to the Hub

 A new addition to the Hub is opening soon, the Raider Station Refresh. It will sell beverages such as lemonade, tea, juice, and soda. It is non-food based and it will be open at lunch.

Cynda Allen, Opinion Editor

March 2, 2020

There is yet another beverage shop on its way to North Forsyth High School. It is called the Raider Station Refresh, and it will be placed inside the Hub. Unlike the Raider’s Roast, it’s main focus is on drinks like teas, sodas, and juices. They will serve coffee but will also have an entire menu f...

Disaster Plagues World Due to Starbucks Holiday Cups

As we enter into the holiday season, many blame Starbucks’ red cups for the recent widespread demolition of our planet.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

January 14, 2016

For the past month, the world has seen disaster strike every country imaginable.  Citizens of the world live in fear of when the next catastrophe will hit their country, their city, or their home.  In the span of five weeks, monsoons have flooded Cambodia, Madagascar has floated away from Africa and...

Summer Coffee

Two of four high school student openly admitted to drinking coffee on a regular basis.

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

May 15, 2014

With summer just around the corner, students begin preparations for travel, outings, and even just to stay around the house. In America today, coffee is one of the top five most purchased and consumed beverages. Every two of four high school students openly admitted to drinking coffee on a regular basis....

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