The Raider Station Refresh Is on Its Way to the Hub


A new addition to the Hub is opening soon, the Raider Station Refresh. It will sell beverages such as lemonade, tea, juice, and soda. It is non-food based and it will be open at lunch.

There is yet another beverage shop on its way to North Forsyth High School. It is called the Raider Station Refresh, and it will be placed inside the Hub. Unlike the Raider’s Roast, it’s main focus is on drinks like teas, sodas, and juices. They will serve coffee but will also have an entire menu full of other items.

DECA is moving the Raider Station’s coffee as well as their main business into the library. The Raider Station Refresh will be entirely student-run. DECA members want the atmosphere of their shop to match the ones of Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. The marketing class is also trying to focus on making their store a place for personal wellness and relaxation. They envision the Raider Station Refresh as a place where students can hang out and be friendly.

This is library assistant Grace Wood the day they tested the shop for the first time. It should be fully open to all students by the end of March.

Junior Carmella Santoriello, a DECA member as well as a Starbucks employee, helped make this idea come to life in the first place. “When Ms. Cline first mentioned starting some kind of drink shop in the Hub, I was super intrigued by the idea and it seemed really interesting. My experience from working at Starbucks for the past couple of months helped me come up with new ideas for drinks and recipes,” Santoriello explained. “I think one of the main reasons why I wanted to help create the Raider Station Refresh is because I knew that it was going to be something new and different and like nothing we have done before. I wanted to use my knowledge gained from work to help start it.”

The Raider Station Refresh being added to the school library is a great idea and could bring in a lot of business (not to mention, it is also very convenient). When Raiders are reading a book, working on schoolwork, or typing an essay on the computer, all they have to do is stand up and walk a few steps over to get any drink they desire.