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10 Emergencies We Are Not Prepared For

10 Emergencies We Are Not Prepared For

Daniel Snodgrass, Staff Writer April 14, 2015

Fires, Tornados, Gunmen—the school system has trained us all how to respond to emergency situations such as these, but what if there is an earthquake? What if the roof caves in? What if the school floods?...

Dr Lynx, M.D. prepares to perform some science. Dr. Lynx is qualified in gynecology and the physics of moving bricks. He attended school at the University of Mom’s Basement for two years and the University of Tomatoes for another eight.

Friday Lynx: Recent Studies Show…

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer May 16, 2014

In a recent study published in The American Journal of Criminal Psychology has revealed that almost every serial killer in American history was at one point denied the purchase of a new toy when they were...

One image perfectly captures the human beings surprise.

Citizen Contributes Observations on the Weather

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor January 16, 2014

Recently, on Fox News Channel, political rants ceased for an hour long report on the weather, where Rea Pete, a young woman in Georgia, gave us some insightful observations. “Yeah it’s definitely...

The biggest movie of the year. Also, the longest.

(FLATLINE) The Hobbit 2: An Unnecessary Journey

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor December 12, 2013

Fans that saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will love its new sequel, The Hobbit 2: An Unnecessary Journey, coming to theatres tomorrow. One fan tells the Flatline, “I loved all the walking and landscape...

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