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Waiting for sleep to visit. Photo from Goodnight Moon

Falling Asleep

Gracie Zimmerman, Literature Editor October 28, 2022

20 minutes of counting sheep One sheep, two sheep, three Over the fence and through the cloud Attempting to fall asleep   Not as easy as it seems Laying in bed for eternity Wondering...

It can be hard to get sleep in high school when you have so much work to do. However, you will surely appreciate getting those eight hours I promise.

Sleep Is Not For The Weak, I Promise

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer December 4, 2018

Research shows that a teenager needs nine to ten hours of sleep every night. Yet, most teens only get roughly seven to eight hours on average. About seven out of ten high schoolers do not get the right...

You are driving beneath vandalized tunnels and six feet of your own indifference, writing pages and pages about yourself in the second-person as if to project that apathy toward an invisible You. You’re me. I just don’t admit it, because people get uncomfortable when others acknowledge the fact that we’re all driving away from something.

Anywhere North

Holley Murray, Staff Writer May 19, 2017

Your veins have begged you to run since the first beat of your heart. It’s a call you can’t ignore forever, but after three hours of driving toward Anywhere North Of This God-Forsaken Place,...

This is an example of a meal plan a student could make for themselves for the school lunch. This meal plan has a healthy base, and is quite affordable, the total cost for making these 5 meals was $28.98. Everyone has the ability to change and make a healthy living for themselves.

Tips for a Healthy School Year

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer September 23, 2016

As the school year kicks in, students are beginning to slack on their own health due to all these tests and projects swarming in at once. Although school is very important, one’s health is extremely...

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