North Forsyth’s Lady Raiders Makes the Final Four and School History


North Forsyth’s Volleyball Team celebrates following their big win against Hillgrove High School (Photo By Sydney Jararrd for Forsyth County News).

North Forsyth’s Lady Raiders Varsity Volleyball Team has made school history. On Oct. 26, the Raiders won the state quarterfinals, or “Elite Eight” game, against Hillgrove High School. In doing so, North is heading to the Final Four with a chance to advance to the state championships.

According to Forsyth County News, the match was off to a slower start. Finding themselves at 24-18 on the first set, the game was off to a difficult start. However, sophomore Brooke Crummel’s final hit led them to win that set at 26-24.

From then on, North’s Varsity Volleyball team did not miss a beat. In the second set, they won 25-18. In the third set, they won 25-22 and in the fourth set, they won 25-20. The teams’ collaboration definitely played a role in the team’s success.

Despite the team being from different grade levels, the girls work together efficiently and connect well. Playing volleyball together since middle school and daily practices have certainly connected the team together, notes Crummel.

Crummel also believes that their hard work, determination and excitement also played a pivotal role. Crummel felt “determined to make it to the Final Four because it never happened before… [so the team was] really excited for that moment.” 

Along with three-hour daily practices and morning practices leading up to bigger games, there were other factors that prepared the Varsity Volleyball Team for their win. Having fun and “having that 2021 number on the new [Varsity Volleyball] banner [in the Raider Arena]” also motivated Crummel and the team to win the game. 

On Saturday, Oct. 31, the team is set to play against Alpharetta High School in the State Semifinals. If the team wins, they will have the chance to play at the State Championship on Saturday, Nov. 6. 

Update: North fell to Hillgrove on Saturday, Oct. 31; however, congratulations to the Lady Raides for their success in making school history.