Hello: A Column from Kristin


Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

My name is Kristin Iler, I am the Sports editor for The Raider Wire this year, and a Junior at North Forsyth. I am also a very assertive Virgo who has an opinion about everything. While you may not consider it a color, my favorite is camouflage. If you learn anything about me in this introduction, I want it to be that I am different on purpose. I strive to achieve uniqueness in everything that I do.

When I agreed to be Sports Editor this year, I knew that I was in for a new experience. Although I am not familiar with this particular area of Journalism, I enjoy a nice challenge. The fact that I get the incredible opportunity to learn and teach simultaneously really excites me for this year.  I hope to increase my knowledge of both sports and editing, and also provide the student body with excellent commentary on the topic of sports.