Leilani Gibbons: Your Average Local Vegan™


Leilani Gibbons, Features Editor

Hello! I am Leilani Gibbons, a junior at NFHS and the 2016-2017 features editor for the Raider Wire! I am extremely excited to keep you up to date with the current happenings in arts and entertainment, from cool, new music to interesting places that I would recommend checking out. I would consider myself a pretty chill person, just your Average Local Vegan™ and busy high school student who is trying not to procrastinate.

I enjoy anything minimalistic and I am one of the awful people who will eat bites off of everyone’s plates when at a restaurant. Although, at the moment, I am clueless about what my post high school plans are, I am hoping to find a college or university that feels like “the place”, where I can enjoy the academic and artistic aspects that interest me. But until this, my plans consist of adventures, a road trip with friends that is currently in the making and of course, updating the students and staff of North Forsyth on all of their feature needs.