Top Five Different Types of Masks


NFHS Raiders Andrew Barger (senior), Rachel Belisle (senior), Zackery Bethune (senior), and Jewel Reynolds (junior) are rocking their different styles of masks. Photo by: Cynda Allen.

Whether you want to wear a mask to protect others, or you just want to fit in, you are here for a reason. These days, just about everyone is wearing a mask, so try to be creative! You are wearing it all day- why not personalize it? Here are five different mask types that you need!

  1. Plain Mask

Copper Mask - Black Masks Atoms

(Image Credit: Nisolo)

Although it is quite simple, that may just fit your style. Not everyone is flashy, but most people would still prefer something other than the standard blue disposable mask. Sometimes, you just need something that matches your outfit. For those with basic taste, a simple black or grey mask will suffice. As long as it fits your style while still being effective, you’re good.

  1. Clear Mask

(Image Credit: Medgadget)

This one is more functional than fashionable. The mask situation has been difficult for people who are hard of hearing. Obviously, it is a little difficult to read lips when someone can’t actually see your mouth. Maybe you know people who have this problem; maybe people just need to see your mouth because it’s hard to talk through your mask. Or, maybe you want to spread a little positivity with a smile. Regardless, this mask will fulfill its purpose of making the world a slightly better place.

  1. Funny Mask

(Image Credit: Redbubble)

In these dark times, we can all use a good laugh. Try wearing a mask with a funny and wholesome joke or pun on it. Just a simple statement that can be read from a distance. A joke most people can relate and laugh to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a funny observation or a play on words. If it makes someone crack a smile, it does its job.

  1. Pop Culture Mask

Mascarilla Star Wars Stormtrooper

(Image Credit: Arty Mask)

Why not wear a mask that shows what fandom you’re a part of? We all have interest in some tv show, movie, game, or book. Maybe even a good band that you wish more people would listen to, or maybe it’s just a comedy you think is funny. Everyone likes something, and you should be proud to show your support for that something! You may even make some new friends over it.

  1. Stylish Mask

Face Masks 6.JPG

(Image Credit: ALBA Legacy)

This one seems obvious, and yet the vast majority of people seem to pay it no attention. Buy a mask with a cool pattern. Something that stands out or speaks to you. Whether it be the shapes, colors, or overall composition of the mask. Wear something that makes you feel unique- whatever that may be. Just because most of us feel like we have to wear a mask, does not mean we can’t enjoy it. Make the most out of this situation. The mask has a purpose, you should wear it with passion, and with that, our school has pride.