NFHS Food Science Class Wins Cook-Off


Sheri Smith

After placing first place in the cook-off, the winners Madison Lasseter, Madison Dirst, Morgan Searing, and their teachers all stand tall and proud as they display their award.

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

One of North Forsyth High’s very own food science classes recently won a title involving a classic dish, chili. North Forsyth, West Forsyth, Forsyth Central, and Lambert high schools participated in a chili cook-off on November 20th. Students from Food and Nutrition pathway classes learned about the science of food, detailed, researched recipes, and taste tests for three weeks before becoming involved in the competition. Held in the Forsyth County Department of Education building, two teams from each high school brought in their own chili dishes and presented them in front of all the teams. The teams first competed in their schools, and then went through to compete at a county level. At North, 11 teams partook in cooking meals and only two went to the finals. A voting process was applied as people sampled each recipe. The winners for North were Morgan Searing, Madison Dirst, Madison Lasseter, and Ismita Hussain, and they won with their own white bean chicken chili. Although this year was the first year Forsyth County Schools have ever participated in a cook-off, it definitely won’t be the last, for the competition for the best foods will continue in the future.