Top Two Corn Mazes in Georgia


The fall brings various activities with it, one of the most popular being corn mazes.

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

After an extended wait, one of the most anticipated seasons, fall, is upon us. This could only mean, sweaters, caramel apples, candy corn, Halloween, scary movies and best of all, corn mazes! This year, there are many corn mazes in Georgia that are guaranteed to have you lost in no time, and they will provide you with laughter for hours. There are two highly recommended corn mazes in particular that everyone should visit.

The first maze is the Buford Corn Maze. This attraction is well known for its various activities. One of the most popular activities is the “popcorn jumping pillow” because it is fun for both children and adults. Similar to other corn mazes,  the Buford Corn Maze provides pumpkin picking, which is sure to entertain everyone. One very unique activity that they provide is a “corn box,” which is just like a sandbox, but with corn instead of sand. Lastly, the corn maze in general has a very unique design. In the center of the maze it says, “2 WSB TV,” and there is also a pumpkin design in the corner. It is a very large maze that is sure to have you confused while still having fun.

The second maze is the infamous Uncle Shuck’s corn maze. The Uncle Shuck’s corn maze offers both a normal corn maze and a haunted one. The regular corn maze has two exciting adventures. One of them is to figure what happened to Farmer Joe, which you do by finding all of the farm animals throughout the maze. The other activity is to find the different locations in the maze. The haunted maze is not opened until it is very dark out, so that everyone gets the full effect of the spookiness. The haunted “maze,” however, is not actually a maze, but a trail. Everyone is sent out in groups, and they are quickly greeted by spooky characters. They are also sent into different rooms, where everyone is greeted by surprising characters. Overall, the haunted maze is definitely worth trying.

These two mazes were both very popular and frequently visited by many. They both provide many fall activities that are enjoyed by both children and adults. Both mazes are also highly spoken of and have excellent reviews.

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