Photo by Jacob Blodgett

As the night for the curtains to rise comes closer, Junior Brianna Fairbanks, practices for her roles in the upcoming plays.

“To be or not to be.” That is the question for the North Forsyth Drama department as the first plays of the year debuts on October 4th. While most teachers this time of year are grading tests and helping students after school, Mary Ernst is hard at work preparing for the first plays: “An Actor’s Nightmare” and “Hamlet-Thrill-Ma-Geddon”. Though they are both one-act plays they are still large projects, “Any play can be stressful, but it’s still fun.”


The audience will truly believe that the unthinkable has happened! The Drama department has lost their funds and now has to rely on company names like Dr. Pepper and Disney! This comedic take on Shakespeare’s classic play “Hamlet” will be very special to the drama department; the author of Hamlet-TG, Don Zolidas, will be at the show and will conduct a Playwriting Workshop the morning of the second show for Liberty and Little Mill middle schools and North high. “…it’s like a celebrity is here.” says Mrs. Ernst.


This play will be accompanied by another play, “An Actor’s Nightmare”, revolving around one man, an underscore, and never-ending nightmare on stage. Nothing can go right, total chaos ensues, and can he make it out!? This will be the first play that the curtains will reveal on the night of October 4th and the audience will not be disappointed. “There is no shortage of talent…” says Mrs. Ernst. Among the cast are Drama veterans Jake Huff and Hannah Manakowski who will lead the play with their unlimited talent.


As any student can tell, the 2013-2014 school year is off to a great start. New students, new clubs and organizations, and the first plays of the year are sure to secure it. With the “Actor’s Nightmare” and “Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon”, the theater is sure to be filled with eager students ready for the most extravagant year in NFHS history.