Alternative Underground Sound


Photo by Raicheal Havins

Live at Dragon Con this past September, the Cruxshadows packed the house.

The Cruxshadows are an underground goth rock band with a new and dark wave undertone. Sounds like a turnoff to many, but there are more aspects to them than just appearances. The lead singer and songwriter is Virgil Roger du Pont III, more commonly known by his alias Rogue. The Cruxshadows have a many members in the band to create a dynamic sound. The members are all classically trained musicians. The violinists are JoHanna Moresco and David Russell Wood, the guitarist is Mike Perez, the live synthesizer/keyboard player and back-up vocals is Jenn “Pyromantic” Jawidzik, the drummer,  back-up vocals and former dancer is Jessica Lackey, and the dancers and back-up vocals are Stacia Marian, and Ally Knight. Though they all dress in a “gothic style”, they are the nicest people anyone could ever come across, so don’t be scared by their gothic and semi-scary appearance.

Upon my first encounter with Rogue, he walked straight up to me, the youngest person at their booth, hugged me and thanked me for listening to their music, then handed me a bracelet directly from his wrist. As a long time fan, the band has come to recognize me. Every year when they come into town, everyone in the band greets me like an old friend. But it’s not just me they do this to. Every fan is a friend of every member of the band, and seeing as they recently topped the Alternative Charts in Germany, and the U.S. Dance Singles Charts 11 times, and are highly popular in Europe, that says something about the band.

Rogue’s inspiration for his band came about after having recurring dreams. For months, every time he closed his eyes, he would see these images. In interviews he never disclosed what these images were, but that they inspired him. He wanted to change the world forever with the Cruxshadows, dawning a new era of peace and love.  His desires are expressed on all 19 albums and single releases. Incorporating Greek and Egyptian mythology and modern religion into his music, he paints a picture of historic events that have shaped time. His hidden undertone not only allows the listeners to learn more, about themselves, but also about the theology he incorporates in his music. As a listener, I have had to research his mythology references many times. The inspirational messages mixed with synthesized sounds, percussion, guitar, and violin create the beautiful and catchy music that has changed millions of lives. Including mine.

The Cruxshadows don’t sound so bad now, do they? Or at least, once past the immediate prejudice of their choice of dress, they are the best, in my opinion at least.