Shopping In Paradise

Walking out of a store carrying a pretty bag is one of the best feelings anyone get when they go shopping.

Photo by Citlali Arzate

Walking out of a store carrying a pretty bag is one of the best feelings anyone get when they go shopping.

Shopping is the best pastime anyone could have because not only does it help forget about stress or problems but it is also fun to just go out and see all the new styles that are in season.  Now that online shopping has become more popular, it is easier to browse and purchase new styles, however, some people still prefer the joy of going to a store and being able to see, feel and try on the product before purchasing it.

Some great places to go shopping on a budget are, Belk, T.J Max, Charming Charlie’s, Dress Up Boutique, Forever 21, Papaya, Old Navy and charlotte Russe.  An online shop that has great deals is:

Belk has amazing sales all throughout the year. They also have the cutest shoes anyone could ask for and the best thing about it is that they are affordable.  Usually around fall season Belk puts its boots on sale so that people can get shoes for a great price. Not only does Belk have cute shoes they also have stylish bags. Belk has many new designer bags that are the current fashion.  They have a wide selection of bags to choose from and the best part is they are not too expensive.

Charming Charlie’s is the best place to go jewelry shopping. The store has every piece of jewelry imaginable; they have everything from necklaces, bracelets, and rings to earrings, hair accessories and watches. Charming Charlie’s jewelry is inexpensive, beautiful, and they have something for every occasion. Since the store is color coded it is easy to find the perfect item.

Forever 21, Papaya, and Charlotte Russe are some of the most popular places to go shopping. With their cute tops and trendy styles, it is no surprise how popular these stores are.  Their variety of clothes is overwhelming since everything they have is trendy and cute.

Dress up boutique is a great place to look for perfect dress for any occasion. They store a variety of dresses to choose from and they are all beautiful. Their dresses make anyone look stunning. Not only does the store have dresses, but it also has skirts, cardigans, shoes, accessories and so much more.  They always make sure to have the new season’s trend and styles. Right now Dress Up Boutique has a huge selection of Aztec dresses and cardigans and sequenced skirts.

Shopfad. Com is a great place to shop online. It is safe, affordable and has amazing deals.  It is not too expensive and they have super cute things.  Their website is easy to browse making it easy for the consumer to find the perfect item they need.

Shopping can be a time for you to relax and forget the rest of the world. It is like a mini mental vacation that helps relieve you from your stress and problems. Shopping is a fun way to look at the new fashions of the season and get something trendy to complete your wardrobe.