Dr. Superwoman


Dr. Olga Glymph takes pride and passion in her job as North Forsyth’s Assistant Administrator, as her main goal is to embolden the generations of students she has the chance to impact with her intellectual and kind heart.

It is year eight of coming to consciousness before the sun and slipping out of the house, taking precaution not to disturb her family. She piles her papers in the passenger side and rolls out the driveway, sleep persistently knocking in her brain. Tossing it aside, knowing she is counted on to sacrifice another day to the future generation, she pushes on. In high school administration, there is something impending in the air that is not easily surmountable, yet Dr. Olga Glymph continues to overcome expectations with flying colors, proving her mental physique and composure.

Glymph describes her position to be a bit of a challenge due to the everyday situations she deals with, though she finds it to be a humbling experience. At any unexpected time, a simple trip and the warmth of hot chocolate soaking your shirt just might become the amusement of hundreds, so it is best to sustain a modest aura. She assures me that enforcing an unreasonable sense of sovereignty and ‘ruining a child’s day’ is far from her intentions, but rather the true vision of her job is to guide students’ futures with a steady hand. Dr. Glymph strives everyday to reach out to the student body with an open heart so that she can help everyone reach a brighter future.

When asked where she might be found when not behind her desk, she owns up to the title ‘mommy’ as well as an administrator. One of the most eye-catching masterpieces in her office is the stereotypical, crayon stick figures, a smaller one and a taller one holding hands, a representation of a mother and her child. As if it was not obvious, the red scribbles underneath it depicting “I love mom!” say it all. In fact, if the Mega Million numbers were to roll out to her success, her selflessness would still shine through the gold. The first splurge would be made specifically for her family, as she would treat them to a sunny beach house in which they all would lounge in an easier life and bask in the glory of their big bucks. Who wouldn’t?

Although the salty seaside may be the preference of her residence, it can not measure up to the many places she has hauled off to. She knows that having persistent travel fever can take a girl far, literally. With boundaries of the castles alive in Austria or the impending rivers of Germany, Dr. Glymph has let her heart wander. Surprisingly fluent in French, Russian and English, being trilingual is one of the major aspects that has inspirited her expeditions. There is no better excuse to board that plane than ‘putting language skills to the test’, and Dr. Glymph surely knows excuses as well as any high school employee does.

Knowing the ways of a high school student is an occupational requirement, though her impressing qualities certainly set her apart from any typical administrator. Glymph claims that “being an assistant administrator is rewarding since I know that I have the chance to inspire not only the children around me, but even reaching beyond them to their siblings and parents. My main goal is to inspire the generation.”