Coconut Oil: Is It a Beauty Product?

Coconut oil is not known as a beauty item, and some are skeptical about using it. It is the product that will change the ideas about makeup and true beauty.

Photo by Morgan Franklin

Coconut oil is not known as a beauty item, and some are skeptical about using it. It is the product that will change the ideas about makeup and true beauty.

Companies and creators all over the country have started a frenzy of beauty products; many face washes, moisturizers, and makeup bought nowadays have a label which claims, “Extreme Length!”, “Ageless Skin in Two Weeks!”, and “Cover Those Breakouts Fast!”. In all honesty though, who knows what types of harmful ingredients are in that mascara or in foundation? Unfortunately, the mystery remains unsolved. The beauty world would love to have an all natural, healthy, all in one beauty product right? Coconut oil is that item.

Although some makeup retail contains natural minerals and/or ingredients, they are expensive. Most people do not want to spend all their money on a few makeup supplies. Instead, they buy cheap or reasonable priced beauty products that contain destructive ingredients. Acne washes usually have salicylic acid as one of their ingredients. This acid drinks the moisture in the skin and causes dry or even flaky skin over a period of time. Mascara usually contains pigments and preservatives that most people have never heard of. Why would people want to put that on their face?

Coconut oil is an all natural alternative to the standard makeup drawer because it replaces many products used to paint the facial canvas every morning. Instead of coating skin in orange tinted powder and/or liquid foundation, rub coconut oil on the face the night before. Instead of an acne wash, substitute the moisture-slurping wash with coconut oil combined with baking soda. Instead of using a chap stick, smear some coconut oil on dry lips at night and in the morning. There are many combinations that can be made with coconut oil as well as using it all by itself.

The possibilities are endless for the unrecognized coconut oil. For example, I use coconut oil as a makeup remover, an eyelash lengthener, a treatment for red spots, a cuticle strengthener, and a split end remedy every night. Every morning I put it on my eyelashes and breakout specks. It is literally a life saver. Along with many other girls my age, I fry my hair with my flat iron most mornings before school, so the ends of my hair are about as healthy looking as an obese man ordering a foot-long chili cheese hot dog at Sonic. It seemed as though the ends of my hair would never see the light of day again. However, when I discovered an article on Pinterest saying that coconut oil repaired damaged hair, I decided to try it for myself. I coated my dry hair in the luxurious oil, put it into a messy bun for a few hours, and hoped for the best. After some time passed, I hopped in the shower and scrubbed my scalp with shampoo about four times in order to wash all of the oil out. My hair dried after a couple of hours, and I do not think I have ever seen my hair as healthy as it looked right then. Now, every Saturday night I cake my hair in the oil and let it work its magic.

I also read somewhere that coconut oil also helps with acne, so the week before Christmas I obtained a few zits on my forehead. I do not have terrible acne, but I breakout occasionally. I figured I would give the coconut oil a chance on my face; two days later, the redness in the pimples disappeared, and the pimples vanished a few days later. It is a miracle, right? I have read dozens of articles containing uses of coconut oil, and I have tried lots of the ideas because of the claimed results. I am saying right now that this oil is the replacement for many, many of the beauty products on the bathroom counter. This phenomenon changes the makeup universe.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

Materials: a jar of coconut oil, a hair tie, a shower cap (optional) a blow dryer (optional), and your hands.

Process: scoop up some coconut oil from the jar with the fingers. Rub this jelly-like substance between the hands until it is an oily texture. Take this oil and rub it in an area at the top of the scalp. Repeat this process all over the scalp and through the hair and ends.  Once the hair is layered with the desired amount of oil, tie it into a high messy bun or ponytail. Put a shower cap over the oily hair and blow dry the cap for about five minutes to allow the oil to nourish even deeper in the hair. After an hour or a few hours, take the cap off and pull out the hair tie. The hair will look goopy and gross, but it will wash out. Step in the shower and shampoo two, three, or even four times to wash all of the oil out of the newly hydrated locks. The shampoo makes hair feel dry, so apply a tiny bit of conditioner but not as much as usual. When the hair dries, enjoy the healthy looking strands. Not only will the hair feel nurtured and loved, but it will also begin to grow faster since it is healthier. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth because of the natural properties of the ingredient.

Coconut Oil Face/Acne Wash:

Materials: coconut oil, baking soda, and the sink.

Process: wet the face with water from the sink. Retrieve a pebble sized amount of baking soda and a spoonful of coconut oil. Rub these two ingredients together between the hands and smother the face in the wash. After the skin is slathered in the mixture, rinse the cleansing scrub off and pat the face dry. Repeat these steps once a day to enjoy clear skin in a few days. Baking soda helps zap dirt within the skin that causes acne, and coconut oil keeps moisture in the skin.


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