G.R.I.T.S: Girls Raised in the Spirit


Photo by Emma Franklin

Ladies of GRITS discus their next service project.

Girls Raised in the Spirit is a weekly prayer group that meets every Tuesday morning and afternoon in Ms. Aponte’s room trailer 905.

These girls help each other through the problems that they face in being both as Christians and as teenage girls. Whether one of the girls has a headache or does not know if they are worshipping properly, the other girls help in any way possible. The club gives them a sense of closeness and fellowship with the others.

“It has given me fellowship with the girls and it has really helped me develop my faith in the community as a Christian girl,” said junior Abigail Elrod.

When it comes time to share within the club, they do a thing called Prayer Share Care. One of the girls brings up an issue that they are dealing with, and the group prays about it. Then they share stories about Jesus and their experiences with Him, or any videos that they feel would really touch someone.

Other times they work on community outreach, most recently the girls hosted Night of Freedom, a night of worship, which included singing, dancing, or prayer. More than anything, GRITS wants more girls to realize that there is a safe space to talk about God and learn fellowship.