Snow Adventure

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  • The ice dragon hides somewhere in my neighborhood. I can hear his roar in the wind outside. I can see his scales in the glistening white on the ground. I can feel his breath in the cold that seeps through the walls, into my house, into my bones.

  • Perhaps he’s lonely, this poor ice dragon. No one else enjoys the bitter cold like he does. I should try to find him and keep him company. So I put on my thickest sweater, warmest scarf, adventuring coat, adventuring shoes, and wool hat. I hope he’s a friendly dragon.

  • But it is so bitterly cold… No, stop it. This will be exciting. A snow adventure.

  • But where does one look for an ice dragon? It’s as though he’s everywhere and nowhere all at once, in everything and in nothing in this painfully white world.

  • There are treacherous slopes to journey down.

  • The ice-covered ground cracks dangerously beneath my feet.

  • Everything is so blindingly bright… How will I ever find him?

  • Perhaps he’s in the trees? No, don’t be silly. An ice dragon is too large to hide in trees.

  • Oh look, here’s a little friend to show me the way.

  • And the way is dark, infected with shadows and hidden creatures. But I can’t turn back now. Not yet.

  • Is he hiding in the back yard? Is around this tree, that mountain of white in the distance?

  • Oh no, I can hear him. He howls and screams, as though he’s in pain. His roars send the wind rushing about me like a hurricane.

  • And then suddenly everything is quiet. I can’t see him anymore. I guess he doesn’t want company after all. Maybe ice dragons enjoy solitude.

  • So I travel back inside and hang up my coat, hat, and scarf. My snow adventure is completed.

  • When I take off my shoes, my feet and toes are all numb, stiff beneath my socks. I suppose I should have picked better adventuring shoes.

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A couple days ago, a great storm of snow blew in from the north, drenching the world in ice. Now the world hibernates beneath a thick blanket of whiteness.  But this snowstorm also brought along an ice dragon.