Singing in the Spirit of NFHS


Photo by Jacob Blodgett

2013-2014 Chamber singers dressed to perform.

     The angelic voices echo through the halls as the chorus sings the true hidden spirit of North Forsyth High. The students have heard the voices, but do they know what they are about? What is the Choir? Where do they perform? How can I join? The choir is made up some of the best singers of the school, and they perform in various places in the region and across the United States. In their recent trip to Florida, the choirs performed at Disneyworld.

     To anyone planning to join the choir, there are many options. There are three Choir groups: The Raider Chorale is a group of singers who want to see what exactly the choir is and what they do. Students can join by simply signing up for the class. The Advanced Women’s Choir is a women only group that are for women who have a talent for singing and performing. They have received superior ratings in both regional and national levels. The last group is the Chamber Singers; this group is a mix of both men and women who have a passion for singing and performing. To join either the Women’s Choir or the Chamber Singers, students must audition a piece for the Choir Director, Mr. Seese, and he will place the student in the choir group that will be the most successful for him or her.

     Even though chorus may sound like an “easy A” class, the groups perform around the state and country. Over the last few years the NFHS Choir has grown and they have performed and will perform in places that they could never have dreamed of, like, Disneyland in California, San Antonio, Texas, and New York City. Along with performances, some members can attend very special events. Recently some of the choir officers went to Georgia Music Educators Association, All State chorus event in Athens to represent North Forsyth High. For more information on the NFHS Chorus, the teacher, and upcoming events, visit the official website.