How to Look Cute On Lazy Days



Pinterest is a great tool to search for lazy fashion inspiration. Make ana account for free and give it a try.

Dressing nice for school is not nearly as important to teenagers as it once was. There are always a few kids who dress like they are at least trying to look good every now and then. However, the majority of the student population would say that they do not care about looking nice for school, but that is ok. These students understand that lazy days are great for big test days, but they also know that lazy days should not be for everyday. When a comfortable day is necessary, but looking unkempt is not appealing, here are a few hints that will help students remain comfortable while not being completely lazy.

  1. Wear bright t-shirts, pastel t-shirts, or t-shirts containing a logo. T-shirts are extremely comfortable and easy to throw on in the morning. Bright shirts will draw attention to whoever is wearing them, but they will not attract too much to cause self-consciousness. Pastel shirts are great for springtime and summer which is coming soon. T-shirts with logos are perfect for anytime because they do not look lazy, but they feel good.
  2. Add only a few dashes of mascara. Mascara makes eyes pop, but too much of it can look covered up. A few dashes of it looks beautiful but not overdone, so an enormous amount of mascara is not necessary.
  3. Find an easy hairstyle on the Pinterest app. Pinterest has tons of simple hairstyles that any lazy girl can do. A cute braid with a headband, a high bun, or a side ponytail with a bobby pin design on the side look fantastic on any given day. Pinterest is a life saver with ideas for styles and worth checking out.
  4. Throw on some flare/boot-cut jeans with a pair of comfortable shoes and shirt. Vans, Sperrys, or a knockoff pair of casual shoes. They look excellent with any shirt, and this combination is extremely popular and easy.
  5. Wear earrings. This piece of advice is so simple that it might sound ridiculous, but really, putting on a pair of earrings automatically makes an outfit less lazy. Any pair of studs will make an outfit look more put together and better.
  6. Find a colorful pair of sneakers. Decorated Nike shoes are very popular for a reason: they are comfortable and easy to put on when a morning becomes rushed. A pair of sneakers may not be the most dressed up piece of an outfit, but they are still stylish and good-looking with some color.
  7. Wear a cute headband. Lace-looking designed headbands are in style, but there are plenty of others to be found. Adding a cute headband will automatically make an outfit more dolled up. This small article of clothing makes a big difference.
  8. Wear tinted chap-stick. This is another effortless action that will help upsize the lazy look. The color of the chap-stick will definitely make the wearer look nicer and more feminine.
  9. Put a necklace on. Do not put a chunky or extremely long necklace on when a lazy day takes place, but put on a simple, one-charm necklace. This item will make it appear as though more effort was put into the outfit that otherwise looks too casual.
  10. Wear a ring or multiple rings. Rings add a sense of feminism and elegance, so they give an outfit more pizzazz. Try putting a few rings on in the morning, and they will bring out the inner glamour in an outfit.

These tips are sure to help out all of the girls at school who worship their lazy days. Not only are these guidelines easy, but they are extremely effective. A simple piece of jewelry or combination will make a huge difference in the appearance of an outfit. There will always be days when sweatpants seem to be the best option, and those times are some of the comfiest days ever. However, a lazy day does not have to be completely lazy. Try some of these suggestions whenever sweats do not seem to be good for that day, and comfort and beauty will both be present in the outfit.